Açaí a typically Brazilian fruit, is one of the most flavourful fruits and favourite fruits of Brazilians. Its consumption brings many health benefits. Some including:

  • Combats the ageing cells
  • Helps in the fight against hypertension
  • Natural energy
  • It’s rich in Omega 3
  • Avoid cramps
  • Helps in weight loss
  • High Calcium concentration
  • High levels of vitamin A, C, D and E
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties

Anti-cancer properties

There are many health benefits in the açaí and, the strongest benefit is a study made by the University of Eastern Finland. Their studies have found evidence that the açaí has powerful anti-cancer properties, an enzima that helps to reduce the growth of cancer cells.

A range of flavours

We have a range of flavours and combination possibilities to choose from. In addition, we have different sizes, depending on your preferences. Our 200ml smoothies are perfect for any occasion, whereas our 500ml are designed for those trying to lose weight by replacing a normal meal with a super healthy smoothie.


Here at Healthy Hit we recognise the importance of sustainable living, which is why we get our Açaí from responsible sources who actively invest in reforestation. As well as always looking for new processes that will lead to an even more sustainable practices.

Listed below are a few examples of what our suppliers of Açaí are doing to be more sustainable;

  • Reforested areas where there is no feasibility of planting açaí, with planting of Mahogany, African and Acacia;
  • Creation of native bees that, besides promoting the cultivation and the formation of fruits in the açaizeiro, helps in the combat to climatic changes. Each kilogram of honey produced can neutralize up to 16 kilos of carbon dioxide (CO2) released into the atmosphere;
  • Use of grass suppression techniques by means of scrubbing, facilitating soil conservation, inhibiting erosion;
  • Fertilization balanced by monitoring soil, soil, leaf and fruit solution;
  • Use of raw material residues (açaí stone) to feed the boiler in the generation of heat, impacting on the reduction in LPG use and electricity;
  • Use of recyclable and lighter packaging;
  • Preservation of fruit trees protected by law such as Chestnut of Pará.
  • Fish farming, which helps in the preservation of native species. Donation of more than 500 thousand fingerlings

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