About us

Who We Are

We are a young, dynamic and bold company founded by long term fitness and nutritional fanatics! With total focus on bringing to the market a healthy product of the highest quality. The company was created after feeling on the market the dearth of healthy fast-food products for the discerning consumer.

At the core of everything we do, is the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy the incredible Açaí berry as if they were in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Thanks to the way our farmers pick and squeeze the berry, we have been able to maintain all of the super nutrients that it has to offer.

We’re proud to say that we bring real and pure Açaí to the United Kingdom. Trust us when we say, there are no hidden additives and no added sugars. Please join us on our journey to eating better and be ready to embrace a healthier, more positive and much happier lifestyle!